How to Help

  1. Make a blanket and deliver it to a drop-off site. Blankets can be a quilt, afghan, or fleece
  2. Join us at a regular Meeting; we’ll show you how you can be a part of this great organization – even if you can’t quilt, crochet, knit or even thread a needle, you can make a difference in the life of a child
  3. Donate fabric; new, clean, washable, 100% cotton fabric is needed; also flannel, fleece in bright, child-friendly colors
  4. Donate other blanket making materials; washable yarns, low-loft batting
  5. Make a cash donation; financial support is always needed to provide volunteer blanket makers with the materials they need to make more handmade blankets
  6. Give a gift certificate from a fabric store, quilt shop, or office supply store