Orion Medical comes through again!

We’re all in this together.

When a hurricane named Sandy ripped into the east coast, devastating children’s lives up and down the eastern seaboard, those of us in the rest of the country could do little more than watch and want desperately to help. 

Project Linus, once again stepped up and blankets for children in need of a really big hug are on their way to eastern chapters from all over the country.

Much of DelMarVa is barely above sea level and flooding was devastating.

Yesterday we sent  25 blankets to Donna Clarke, a Coordinator from the Lower DelMarVA Chapter of Project Linus.  We could not have done this without the help of Orion Medical Supply; they have provided in-kind shipping for our blankets for our chapter for years to help children in natural disasters and those participating in the Snowball Express. Orion stands willing to ship our excess blankets to Chapters across the country in desperate need. It is this kind of charitable help that makes it possible for us to help people just as if they were our neighbors. 

THANK YOU Orion Medical Supply for your continued support that makes it possible to put one of our blankets on a child beyond our ability to drive!