Thank You Cards Received

Sometimes we get to see the faces of the children and families who receive our blankets and these rare instances are an amazing reward for our work. Sometimes we get a card in the mail, often years after the blanket was received; the sentiments are precious and remind us that our blankets have great value to comfort and start the healing process.

We don’t do this work because we are rewarded or to even receive a “thank you.” We know in our hearts that our blankets have met a huge need in children’s lives. But we share here a few of the cards we have received so that you can also understand what blankets have meant to some of the children and parents who have gotten a Project Linus blanket.

Dear Project Linus,

First of all, I want to thank you for the wonderful blanket that I have received that has (is) helping get through the hospital with something comforting! It was such a surprise to receive it and want you to know I think it is such a great program to bring comfort, warmth, and smiles to kids!

I also wanted to thank your wonderful volunteer Lisa Kelly who handmade my blanket! Please show Lisa my gratitude and appreciation as well!

Keep bringing comfort, warmth and smiles to kids all around!


Kira, 12 years

PS: Can’t wait to snuggle in my blanket tonight!


Dear Project Linus

We apologize for being tardy with our thank yous! D and M were at Salmon Creek NICUĀ for 46 days and were surrounded by your generous gift. Now that they are 3 years they use the blankets in their wagons and in their cribs.

The blankets are beautiful and they can keep them for their children. Thank you so much for the time you put into these beautiful quilts. You are very appreciated!


D, D, M & D